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This Courier Shipment is accepted by Meghraj Express , by its agents , sub-agents subject to the terms and conditions of carriage enumerated hereunder :
  1. Meghraj Express Consignment Note (C/n) is not negotiable and the shipper acknowledges that it has been prepared by himself / ourselves of Meghraj Express , Courier agents , sub-agents on behalf of the shipper.
  2. The shipment under this C/n and contract is carried at shipper’s risk.
  3. The shipper’s responsibility is to assure that thepacking is sufficient to protect the contents and transportation.
  4. The full address of the sender and the receiver is required with the pincode and consignee telephone no. for prompt delivery.
  5. Delivery of C/n will be made to the consignee name on the shipment or the consignee’s authorized agents, in writing by a letter to authority by the shipper or the consignee.
  6. The shipment is not covered under insurance and transported at the shipper’s risk entirely.
  7. Any Octroi, state tax, duties , addln. Levies as may be applicable on this shipment would be payable by the consignee at the time of delivery of the shipment.The shipper hereby agrees that if the consignee has refused to pay such amounts the shipper will pay the duties to the Govt. Body / Meghraj Express. Meghraj Express reserves the right of lien on any shipment till all the dues of Meghraj Express are paid in full in respect of Freight, Octroi, Duties, Taxes and any other charges. Meghraj Express also reserves its right to deal with the shipment as it sees fit including the right to sell the goods in order to recover the dues from the shipper.
  8. The shipper will undertake to provide documentations reqd. such as invoice, gate pass, state and central tax numbers, Form 31 / 32 or any other documents to enable us to clear the shipments expeditiously. Meghraj Express will not be responsible for delays and losses due to acts of God force majeure, occurrences of any case beyond the control of Meghraj Express or loss or damage caused through strikes, riots, political or other disturbances like fire, accidents of the vehicles carrying the goods, explosions etc., beyond Meghraj Express control.
  9. Claim must be made by the shipper for any loss or damage in writing within 15 days from the date of acceptance of the shipment.
  10. Limitation of Liability – The liability of Meghraj Express for any loss or damage to the shipment (Documents or Parcels) is limited to Rs. 100/- per shipment or the cost of reconstruction whichever is lower.
  11. The company will book all the consignments of the customer on CASH / credit for the purpose of couriering in good faith in respect of contents thereof. The consignments should not contains any such items or materials which are prohibited or contraband by law of the land. In the event of any consignment containing any of the aforesaid items or materials, the Customer agrees and undertakes to indemnify the company in respect of all claims and losses that occur in respect of such consignments. Further the Customer will be solely responsible for any cost and consequences for booking and couriering such items or material through the company.
  12. The Company reserves the right to refuse booking of any consignment without assigning any reason whatsoever. Further the company reserves the right to check any consignment booked by the Customer.
  13. The Customer agrees not to book any of the following items through the Company : a) Currency b) Gold c) Drugs d) Explosive e) Hazardous Chemicals f) Bearer bank DDs or Cheques g) Liquids h) Radioactive material i) Pornographic material j) Tender documents k) Share certificates l) Glass items or any article so banned under the Indian Postal Act 1896.
  14. The Company reserves its right to withhold delivery of any consignments booked by the Customer/Consignor if proper acknowledgement, viz signature. Company seal, date and time of delivery is refused by the concerned consignee and the Company will not be responsible for any consequence or loss due to such non-delivery. Unless otherwise specified all deliveries will be made only at the address mentioned on the consignment/consignment note.
  15. The Customer will provide full address with pin-code no. and telephone no. for all consignments booked for easy identification and prompt delivery. The Company will not deliver any consignment with post-box address only. Further the Company will not provide any proof of delivery in respect of consignment to be delivered to Govt./Semi Govt. Office.
  16. The Customer must give to the Company all the required paper works that is required by the Company for transportation of the consignments, through different states in the country.
  17. The Customer agrees to submit a written declaration, stating the value and details of any non-document consignment booked. The Customer also agrees to pack the consignment in such manner so that it is not damaged during transportation.
  18. The customer agrees to reimburse the Company on demand any payment incurred by the Company towards octroi charges, sales tax or any other government levies for any consignment booked by the customer.
  19. The Company will do its best to deliver the consignments within the specified time limit, however the company is not responsible for any loss incurred due to delay in delivery for any reason whatsoever.
  20. The Company will not be responsible for any loss or damage of the consignment caused due to any act of God, such as accident, any natural calamity, riot, commotion, strike or any other cause whatsoever beyond the control of the company. No claim for loss or/and damage will be entertained by the company in such event.
  21. The Company reserve the right to use any mode of transportation, viz, Air, Railway, Surface or a combination of any or all the modes for couriering the consignments.
  22. In case of any shortage, pilferage or lost of consignment Meghraj Express will only issue the Certificate of Fact.
  23. The Company holds the right to destroy all records of delivery and other connected document after 90 days of booking.
  24. The Company agrees to provide Proof of Deliveries to the Customer against the consignments booked and delivered; however not providing of such proof shall not be a pre-condition for(holding the) payment to the company by the Customer.
  25. If consignee does not accept the consignment within 48 hours of intimation to the consignee about the arrival of the consignment then a demurrage charge @0.1% of the declared value/ invoice value per day or Re. 1/- per Kg per day, whichever is higher, will be charged.
  26. In case of volumetric shipment, the following formula will apply :-
    Air Cargo:
    L*B*H/6000 (in cms)        Surface: L*B*H/1728 (in inches) 1 CFT = 10 kg
  27. The Customer agrees to make payment for the charges of couriering of its consignment as per the rates agreed upon and detailed so in the contract specifying various slab of weight, destinations, time of pick up contact person, etc. within 07 days (Seven) days from the date of bill being submitted to the Customer. The Customer also agrees to pay the service tax prevailing at the time of booking. Payment to the Company by the Customer is to be made by account payee cheque in flavor of “Xpress Options”. The Company holds the right to claim interest @24% P.A. from the customer for any payment made after_the agreed credit period . It is advised by the company to the Customer that payment should not be made in cash for settling of bills.
  28. In case the Customer asks the Company to pick up and book consignments from various stations simultaneously, the minimum billing amount per station should be Rs. 1000/- per month.
  29. This arrangement will continue till it is terminated by either party by giving notice in writing to the other (notice period of 30 days).
  30. Company reserves the right to change policy without any notice in advance.
  31. Both the parties agree to intimate the other in writing in advance for any change in terms and conditions as mentioned in this contract. In witness where of both the parties here to execute this contract the day and year here in written above.

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